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Fuses are an extremely important part programming a chip, but are rarely explained thoroughly. You only need to set them once, but if you don't do it right, it's a disaster!

Here is example for ATtiny2313


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question-markFirst question that you ask yourself when starting to work with microcontrollers is what do i need?

Here is answer!

You need microcontroller, you should buy one. I recommend ATmega8, ATmega16 or ATmega8535 because they have all integrated peripherals that you will need to learn how to use it and have numerous examples online.


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Here is example that is complete project with step by step guide that will show you how to use GPIO pins on ATmega8535.
When you start program use CodeWizardAVR to generate basic program structure.
In our case we used ATmega8535 so we will choose that modem from Chip tab in wizard window.
For frequency chose correct frequency that is used (external xtal, calibrated internal RC oscillator..).

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AtinyYou cannot imagine to use microcontroller without using any of its i/o pins. Finally its all about  : taking input , processing it and generating output ! Thus i/o registers and their correct settings is indispensable part while learning to program any uC.

We will learn how to use AVR ports and actually ‘code’  for writing/reading data to/from port pins. It is slightly confusing for beginners, however once you understand it, you will certainly appreciate the way it is designed.

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  • I/O pins


    Tutorials of how to drive input/output pins of AVR microcontroller are placed here. GPIO pin you need for every microcontroller for interaction with outside world. Detailed description of register usage with example code writen for codevision AVR compiler is placed here for you to download, test and learn thru examples.


  • Introduction


    General talk about AVR microcontrollers. Here is description of this microcontroller family. Discussion on what compiler to use and why. Basic steps what you need to start programming microcontrollers. This is starting point when you did not work with AVR before. It will guide you thru simple examples from basic steps to advanced level programming.


  • Fuse Bits


    Fuses are an extremely important part programming a chip, but are rarely explained thoroughly. You only need to set them once, but if you don't do it right, it's a disaster! Here you will get all needed information on how to correctly program fuse bits.




    Articles explainin usage ir Uart and practical examples will be places in this category


  • AVR Analog/Digital converter ADC


    Examples on AVR ADC module usage in various modes will be placed here.




    Using PWM with microcontroller s often needed in projects. Whether you want finecontroll of electromotor speed, or you want to change intensity of Led lamp or you simply need analog output and do not want to buy expensive Digital/Analog converter (DAC) PWM is ideal solution. In this category we will place examples that show how to configure and change parameters of PWM output on AVR microcontroller.


  • AVR external interrupts


    When reading pin state it is often needed to react very fast on pin state change.
    For this purpose external interrupt is used. External interrupt occurs when dedicated pin changes state. It can be triggered on rising, falling, or both edges of signal state. Here are placed examples that use external interrupt  of AVR microcontroller.