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In 1906, Alice Perry was the first woman in the world to graduate with a degree in engineering. She received her qualifications from Queens College, Galway (now N.U.I. Galway).

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siemens es75In this article we will make tutorial on how to send and receive data trough GPRS connection using Siemens ES75 modem.We will give step by step instructions how to configure and transfer data.

We used COM port terminal tool to connect COM port of PC to GPRS modem. Baud rate used is 19200.
On other side we started Socket test tool to send and receive data via socket on server side.



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All microcontroller developers for debugging and device control use serial communication via a computer (or other device). The most commonly used serial communication is RS232. Ten years ago, every computer was equipped with a serial port, but today it is uncommon on PC platforms and almost non-existent in laptops.


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IR receiver connected to AVR on www.Electronics-Base.comIR data transfer is very often used in devices around us. Every TV, audio system, Air Conditioner uses IR remote controllers. Every device that receives IR commands have one simple IR receiver component inside it. It is usually covered with IR filter to reduce noise from daylight. This is not necessary when making IR remote control project with microcontroller.




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