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According to Moore's Law, microchips double in power every 18 to 24 months.

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introAdding fancy GUI (Graphical user interface) to your project can be very time and assets consuming. Sometimes you even want to upgrade existing design, so significant hardware changes are not possible.  Nextion displays are great solution in such situations.

These are smart displays that help you develop front end look and functionality in just few hours.


By using such smart display you can completely separate user menu development and the rest of devices functionality development.

Since displays use simple serial port communication to interact with your microcontroller Docklight terminal is great solution here due to its specific options. We will show this in video embedded to this post.

Microcontroller can be any type (AVR, ARM, PIC, MSP..) as long as it has UART. Display uses 5V uart, so if 3.3V is used for the rest of the device, voltage level converter is needed.



In this vide we presented how to make basic example to display/read data using Nextion display and Docklight Rs232 terminal. Much more can be done if scripting options of Docklight sripting are used, but that might be the topic of some future article.


Source code for Nextion display project is available --->>here<<---

And Docklight project that contains predefined send and receive sequences is available for download -->>here<<--


Nextion editor display is available for download at:

And free version of Docklight terminal is available at:





Only basic example that will help you get things up and running is presented in this video. Much more complexed multi page menus can be created.

Here are few more images for you to get idea what else can be made using Nextion displays.