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Some studies estimate that as much as 75% of old,used equipment is in storage, where it takes up space and becomes more obsolete and less valuable

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introAdding fancy GUI (Graphical user interface) to your project can be very time and assets consuming. Sometimes you even want to upgrade existing design, so significant hardware changes are not possible.  Nextion displays are great solution in such situations.

These are smart displays that help you develop front end look and functionality in just few hours.

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intro image ice fire
 Thermoelectric coolers (TEC) operate by the Peltier effect (which also goes by the more general name thermoelectric effect). The device has two sides, and when DC current flows through the device, it brings heat from one side to the other, so that one side gets cooler while the other gets hotter.

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Intro imageWe decided to test thermal energy harvesting usability in reality. As we mentioned in other articles Peltier element cannot generate high power, but we can store this power in some time interval and then use it. We already described functionality of Peltier element (aka. Thermo electric cooler - TEC) and ECT 310 boost converter and here we will measure their performance.

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International-Rectifier-IR2112-electronics-base-comAn H bridge is an electronic circuit that can be used for loads such as motors to be driven in both directions, forward and backwards. H bridges are available as integrated circuits but here, we will explain H-bridge build from discrete component. We will see which problems may occur during control and how to fix those problems. H-bridge is modeled as 4 switches that can be controlled to achieve various voltage forms to the load. In real design, switches are made by transistors.

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