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"Sleep" features that power down home office equipment and other electronic devices that are turned on but not in use can save households up to $70 annually

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In this section we will place articles that present interesting and useful electronic components that can give your projects attractive and modern design and features. We will test every component and publish detailed review and examples of how to properly use it. If component is interfaced with microcontroller, complete source code for its usage will be provided as well. For example, have you ever considered adding to your project: digital potentiometer, external high precision ADC, DAC, Graphic LCD, joystick with optical encoder, audio amplifier…

lcdMore microcontroller devices are using 'smart LCD' displays to output visual information. The following discussion covers the connection of a Hitachi LCD display to a PIC microcontroller. LCD displays designed around Hitachi's LCD HD44780 module, are inexpensive, easy to use, and it is even possible to produce a readout using the 8 x 80 pixels of the display. Hitachi LCD displays have a standard ASCII set of characters plus Japanese, Greek and mathematical symbols.

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