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On December 12, 1901, a radio transmission of the Morse code letter 'S' was broadcast from Poldhu, Cornwall, England, using equipment built by John Ambrose Fleming.

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ADJD-E622-QR999 color sensor lookADJD-E622-QR999 is a high performance, small in size, cost effective light to voltage converting sensor. The sensor combines a photodiode array and three transimpedance amplifiers in a single monolithic CMOS IC solution. With a Red (R), Green (G) and Blue (B) color filters coated over the photodiode array, the sensor converts RGB light to analog voltage outputs, denoted by VROUT, VGOUT and VBOUT, respectively. Complete project with ATmega8 using this sensor can be read at THIS ARTICLE

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siemens es75In this article we will make tutorial on how to send and receive data trough GPRS connection using Siemens ES75 modem.We will give step by step instructions how to configure and transfer data.

We used COM port terminal tool to connect COM port of PC to GPRS modem. Baud rate used is 19200.
On other side we started Socket test tool to send and receive data via socket on server side.



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LISY300ALAccelerometers and gyroscopes are used for various safety features in modern vehicles.Possible appliance of such sensor is very wide, from crash detection for airbag release to electronic stability control systems, allowing the car to aid the driver during evasive maneuvers at speed. Gyroscopes can also be used with navigation systems to provide fine location information and help when there is no GPS signal, e.g. in tunnels. We used this sensor in

Rotating office chair angular position and rotation speed measurement using gyroscope and ATmega16 project.

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PIC16f707 1As mentioned before in this article there are many methods for capacity readout by microcontroller. Microchip offered us mTouch CSM module inside some of its products. In this article we will make detailed explanation of CSM module operation that will help you understand Capacitive touch CSM sensing example article.

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