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Electrocution is one of the top five causes of workplace deaths.

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HighwayConditionsBatteries have unique needs and Table 1 explains how to satisfy these desires based of common batteries. Because of similarities within the battery family, we only list lead, nickel and lithium systems. Although each chemistry has its own requirements, there are common denominators that affect the life of all batteries. These are:


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example-of-lithium-ion-batteryCharging and discharging batteries is a chemical reaction, but Li-ion is claimed as an exception. Here, battery scientists talk about energies flowing in and out as part of ion movement between anode and cathode. This claim has merits, but if the scientists were totally right then the battery would live forever, and this is wishful thinking. The experts blame capacity fade on ions getting trapped. For simplicity, we consider aging a corrosion that affects all battery systems.


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fireRechargeable batteries operate in a wide temperature range but this does not give license to charge them at extreme temperatures. Extreme cold and high heat reduce charge acceptance, and the battery must be brought into moderate temperature conditions before charging.



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R59-NIMH-AA1The charge algorithm for NiMH is similar to NiCd with the exception that NiMH is more complex. The NDV method to measure full charge shows only a faint voltage drop, especially when charging at less than 0.5C. A hot battery or one with mismatched cells works against the already minute voltage drop.



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  • Battery Types


    There are many different battery ties and each is specific on how to test if it is empty, how to use, charge. There are many advices that will ensure that you do not destroy battery and device it is powering. It will help you decide what battery is best for your project. Very useful text to read.


  • Packaging and Safety


    Batteries come in many different packaging. Sometimes they consist of more batteries combined together. Batteries are useful but can be dangerous in not used properly. Articles from this section of will help you answer all questions you have from this area.


  • Charge Methods


    Charging various types of batteries can be tricky. Here are explained ways and conditions of charging different types of batteries. All criteria of knowing how much is battery full and everything you need to know when designing battery power supply with charging option for your device


  • Discharge Methods


    Here are explained ways and conditions of discharging different types of batteries. All criteria of knowing how much is battery full and everything you need to know when designing battery power supply with discharging option for your device