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An electric oven uses one kilowatt-hour of electricity in about 20 minutes, but one kilowatt-hour will power a TV for 3 hours, run a 100-watt bulb for 12 hours, and keep an electric clock ticking for 3 months.

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gprs modem serial view clean-300In this article we will make introduction on how to add SMS/GPRS connectivity to your hardware design, advice on how to choose adequate modem as well as how to use it.

Almost every new hardware has some kind of connectivity available. Wireless connectivity has many advantages such as easy connection, no wires attached, no additional connectors and there for robustness (you would be surprised that for example micro USB connectors are declared to have only few thousand cable release cycles before subject to wear out).

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PS2 Mouse2This article attempts to explain every aspect of the PS/2 mouse interface including the physical and electrical interface, low-level protocol, modes of operation, commands, and extensions.It is exelent article to get details on mouse register meaning and commands format. I recoment you to read it before you start example for AVR PS2 mouse readout.

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crcAll 1-Wire® devices, including iButton® devices, contain an 8-byte unique registration number in read-only memory (ROM). This registration number is used as a unique network address on a 1-Wire bus. To ensure data communication integrity, one byte of each registration number is a DOW CRC byte. This article explains how to calculate this 8-bit DOW CRC and gives example code that is used in iButton AVR readout example project used with DS1990R-F5.

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logo ps2In this article is given detailed explanation of PS/2 hardware and protocol details for communication with PS/2 devices. Those devices are usually mouses and keyboards. If you want quick start example for microcontroller keyboard key readout with full AVR codevision project provided, check out AVR - PS/2 keyboard key readout article and in  here you have PS/2 mouse AVR microcontroller readout exaple with complete source code and video presentation.

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