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Bourns EMS22Bourns Model EMS22 are non-contacting rotary magnetic encoders with a Hall Effect application-specific standard product (ASSP) capable of producing four distinct output waveforms. These waveforms include 2-bit quadrature up to 256 Pulses per Revolution (PPR), Step/Direction up to 512 PPR, Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) output with 1024 positions, and Absolute with 1024 positions.

Model EMS22 is available in both a 3.3 and 5.0 Vdc supply voltage and is offered in two different versions.

These encoders have the capability of rotating up to 10,000 RPM while maintaining code accuracy, making them suitable for MMI applications such as industrial automation. This performance is achieved by utilizing dual ball bearings in the construction of each device, resulting in extended rotational life up to 100,000,000 shaft revolutions. The EMS22 non-contacting encoders are ideal for use in harsh environments where extreme levels of temperature, moisture, and particles are present. Their outstanding performance is attributed to the non-contacting technology and superior performance of the austriamicrosystems® AS5040 Hall Effect ASSP. These encoders are sealed to IP 65 (ingression protection) with an optional upgrade to IP 67.

The EMS22 can offer enhanced reliability in harsh environmental conditions such as mud, dust, grease, oil, water and dirt, giving this product an edge in performance over traditional optical and contacting encoders. In addition, there are no contacting parts between the magnet and the ASSP to degrade the life expectancy of this type of encoder. As a result, the EMS22 can have more than 50 times the life expectancy of traditional contacting encoders. The designer and end user can expect cycle life performance without degradation of signal accuracy, a clear advantage over encoders that use optical or contacting technology.

  • Bushing or servo mount
  • Non-contacting magnetic technology
  • Small size
  • CMOS and TTL compatible
  • Long life
  • High operating speed
  • Highly repeatable
  • Sealed option
  • Daisy-chain configuration
    or chip-select option
  • Wide temperature range:
    -40ºC to +125ºC
  • Audio mixer and broadcasting equipment
  • Brushless DC motors
  • Car audio and navigation
  • Cursor position sensing in oscilloscopes
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Forklifts and material handling equipment
  • Gas pedal position sensing
  • Headlight position controls
  • Level setting for ultrasound
    imaging devices
  • Light dimmers
  • Marine applications
  • Medical devices (non-life critical)

  • Metal cutting saws
  • Metal working and instrumentation
  • Office equipment: printers,
    scanners, copiers
  • Power seating position indicators
  • Power tools
  • Pressing and punching machines
  • Replacement of optical encoders
  • Replacement of potentiometers
  • Robotics
  • Servomotor control
  • Steering wheel position sensing
















Output Signal Generation Steps in EMS22

Bourns EMS22 Output Signal Generation Steps

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Part Number Datasheet Output Signal Resolution Supply Voltage
EMS22A30-C28-LS6 Datasheet Absolute 1024 positions 3.3Vdc
EMS22A30-C28-MS6 Absolute 1024 positions 3.3Vdc
EMS22A50-B28-LS6 Absolute 1024 positions 5.0Vdc
EMS22A50-C20-LS6 Absolute 1024 positions 5.0Vdc
EMS22A50-D16-LT6 Absolute 1024 positions 5.0Vdc
EMS22A50-D28-LT6 Absolute 1024 positions 5.0Vdc
EMS22A50-M25-LD6 Absolute 1024 positions 5.0Vdc


Direction/Step output (Tachometer) From 64-512 PPR 3.3Vdc
EMS22D31-D28-LT2 Direction/Step output (Tachometer) From 64-512 PPR 3.3Vdc
EMS22D51-B28-LS5 Direction/Step output (Tachometer) From 64-512 PPR 5.0Vdc
EMS22D51-D28-LT5 Direction/Step output (Tachometer) From 64-512 PPR 5.0Vdc


PWM Absolute Position 1024 states 5.0Vdc
EMS22P50-D28-LT6 PWM Absolute Position 1024 states 5.0Vdc


Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 3.3Vdc
EMS22Q31-B28-LS4 Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 3.3Vdc
EMS22Q33-D28-LT4 Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 3.3Vdc
EMS22Q51-B28-LS4 Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 5.0Vdc
EMS22Q51-C28-LS4 Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 5.0Vdc
EMS22Q51-D28-LT4 Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 5.0Vdc
EMS22Q51-D28-LW4 Quadrature output From 32-256 PPR 5.0Vdc