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In 1791 Luigi Galvani published his discovery of bioelectricity, demonstrating that electricity was the medium by which nerve cells passed signals to the muscles.

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1Phihong has released a 60W wall plug power supply, claiming it to be a record output for socket-supported supplies.

"Traditionally, these higher output models have been restricted by size and weight to desktop styles, but new smaller, high-quality components have made it possible to make reductions in both," said company marketing v-p Keith Hopwood.

Efficiency is high, at between 87-92%, and stand-by power is under 0.3W.

Known as the PSA60R series, they all have interchangeable mains contact assemblies, with clip-in contacts available for Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Europe, Korea, India, the UK and the US.

"A clip that has an IEC320 C8 input is also available to convert the wall plug into a desktop-style adapter able to be powered by a two-wire line cord," said Phihong.

All AC clips are sold separately.

The double-insulated, Class B EMI power adapters have over-voltage, short-circuit and over-current protections, and safety approval markings from CE, cUL/UL, C-Tick and SAA.

Three versions are available: 12V (5A), 24V (2.5A) and 56V (1.07A), through a 1.25m (12V) or 1.5m (24V and 56V) cable terminated with a standard 5.5x2.1mm centre-positive barrel connector.

Size is 103x66x40mm and they weigh 270g.