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On December 12, 1901, a radio transmission of the Morse code letter 'S' was broadcast from Poldhu, Cornwall, England, using equipment built by John Ambrose Fleming.

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microchip light logoThe Lighting Communications Development Platform provides a universal lighting development platform for the creation of communications enabled lighting applications. The platform consists of a main board and various communications interface adapters to support in the development of DALI, DMX512A, as well as future protocols (eg. RF). To utilize the communications platform, a minimum of (2) main or (2) prototyping boards and (2) adapters are required – connected via appropriate cabling (eg. RJ45 patch cable, DMX512A 5-pin barrel cable, or DALI 2-wire).

The communication platform is compatible with commercially available DALI/DMX512A products and can be integrated into existing lighting networks during development or utlized with multiple communication platforms to simulate large lighting networks.

DM160214 Main Board Angle

The Lighting Communications Development Platform consists of:

    • Main communications board
    • Prototyping board
    • Communications interface adapters
    • DALI
    • DMX512A
    • Future protocol support (eg. RF)

The following is required:

    • Minimum of (2) main or (2) prototyping boards
    • Minimum (2) adapters
    • Connected via appropriate cabling:
    • RJ45 patch cable
    • DMX512A 5-pin barrel cable
    • DALI 2-wire

lighting configuration

All boards are available individually or as Starter Kits to begin developing quickly. To further ease in development, code libraries for both DMX512A and DALI are available as a FREE download.

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