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Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect, the phenomenon by which electrons are knocked out of matter by electromagnetic radiation such as light.

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1Phihong has released a 60W wall plug power supply, claiming it to be a record output for socket-supported supplies.

"Traditionally, these higher output models have been restricted by size and weight to desktop styles, but new smaller, high-quality components have made it possible to make reductions in both," said company marketing v-p Keith Hopwood.

Efficiency is high, at between 87-92%, and stand-by power is under 0.3W.

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 avr readerAtmel has introduced a microcontroller with an RFID reader block for LF Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) RFID readers and programmers for access control, industrial automation and animal identification applications.

This is claimed to be the first MCU with full LF RFID reader functionality within a single package. Traditonally, the MCU and RFID reader are located in two different packages.

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1Linear Technology has announced a synchronous buck-boost converter that will convert any voltage between 2.7 and 40V to any voltage over the same range.

Outputs up to 2A are available.

Called LTC3115-1, the device includes the four necessary power mosfets, and can be programmed to operate anywhere from 100kHz to 2MHz.


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NEWS0EnOcean has launched the third generation of its finger-push-powered building automation transmitters.

The product comes in two parts: the ECO 200 electromechanical generator and the PTM 330 transmitter PCB, which are shaped to make electrical connections through spring contacts without soldering.


"This complete ready-to-go system means that OEMs, with just mechanical expertise, can implement their switching solutions," claimed the firm.

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