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In 1906, Alice Perry was the first woman in the world to graduate with a degree in engineering. She received her qualifications from Queens College, Galway (now N.U.I. Galway).

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IMG 0003This is 100% functional and checked complete project for usage of CSM capacitive sensing module on PIC16F707 microcontroller. For better understanding code provided I recommend you to read Complete guide trough mTouch capacitive sensing by using CSM module inside Microchip PIC16F707 microcontroller first. Code has many comments that make it easy to understand. Complete source code and project files can be downloaded from direct link at the bottom of this page.

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Ir receiver and AVRIn this example we will make project that uses any standard IR remote control from your TV, Audio system... to receive and recognize code with AVR microcontroller. There are many different predefined IR protocols as written in Ultimate guide through IR Remote Control article. Despite this fact receiving and decoding which key is pressed is very simple.

This article will teach you how to add IR reception to your projects. Imagine having control of your light, turning ON/OFF your device... all over your old (or new :) ) remote controller form any device you have.



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