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MicrochipThis programator is reliable and extremly cheap to build.

I used it many times and never had problems with it. And all components are easy to get so it will be no problems to DIY and make one.



As you can see on schematic all smart management is done by software and hardware is there just to  adjust voltage levels..

 below are given:


Programator schematics sch













and here is high quality shematics in PDF format to download



PCB layout with component placement pcb1dspic










and here is high quality version in PDF format to download


PCB tracks wor PCB development pcb1 1dspic











and here is high quality version in PDF format to download


And here is bonus download Atium designer files

Just be carefull to put MALE parallel port conector on programator PCB or otherwise standard cable would me mirrored in pins..


Software that is used with it is Winpic800.

You can download it from this link Winpic800 Setup

I tested some other that also work with this programator but this one has shown best results and fastest programing.


Before you can use it you just need to setup software parameters to work.

Below are given correct settings.


Go to Settings->Hardware



 Choose PP2 and uncheck Blocade configuration.

Set all parametars as in picture



 Check Blocade configuration.



 Now you are ready to start making smart electronics devices.

Get some sample code from Tutorial sections or go to Projects section and start programing.