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pickit2This is probably most used programator for Microchip microcontrollers. It's main advantage is USB communication and power supply at once. It supports allmost all Microchip controllers. (you will probably never work with ones it doesnt support.. ) . PCB is tested and working properly. It is easy to build DIY.


There are two versions of PCB given true hole and SMD. Both are functionally the same.

Newest version of softvare you can get at microchip pickit2 homepage  >>here<<.

Here is direct link for current version of PC programming software


Basicly what you will need form these pages are

Programming software


Controller firmware


It is highly recomended to use ti since most laptops and new desktops do not have parallel or serial ports so USB is best solution. Only you must find programator to program microcontroller that is used onboard for programing.below are gives:


Programator schematics PICKIT2 TH SCH











and here is high quality shematics in PDF format to download


PCB layout with component placement PICKIT2 TH pcb













and here is high quality version in PDF format to download


PCB tracks wor PCB development PICKIT2 TH pcb1














and here is high quality version in PDF format to download

 And as bonus here is complete ALTIUM DESIGNER project for this programator

 Comlete project download

Special thanks to Cvija for this mod