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In the late-1800s, Nikola Tesla pioneered the generation, transmission, and use of alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be transmitted over much greater distances than direct current. Tesla's inventions used electricity to bring indoor lighting to our homes and to power industrial machines.

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dsPIC  GSM board www.electronics-base.comSince this hardware will be used in many projects, we give you detailed description of schematics and PCB board realization.
We used Microchip dsPIC30f4013 because it is very powerful MCU with plenty of peripheral possibilities. If you need a lot of processing, such as fast ADC, this is right choice for you. Also, this MCU isn’t expensive, about 5 EUROs.

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Gyroscope rortation measurement Electronics-Base comAccelerometers and gyroscopes are used for various safety features in modern vehicles. In this article we used Parallax LISY300 Gyroscope Module to measure Gyroscope PCB rotation speed and current position. The complete project is available for download at the bottom of the page. Results turned out to be better than we expected. An error is only few degrees in 10 full circles turn. You can read more about this sensor in this Featured components - LISY300 Gyroscope Module article.

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Color sensor AVR ATmega8 RGB HSVIn this project we used ADJD E622 QR999 light to voltage converting sensor to detect color of surface in front of our PCB board. This kind of sensors are often used in robotics and where color detection is needed. Complete source code and schematic with PCB design is provided below.

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LABVIEW signal processing COM port frontendLABVIEW is data flow oriented programming language. It gives engineer many possibilities to make complex program in few minutes. Down side is that it is usually used with NI data acquisition boards which are expensive. In this example we will use data received from cheap microcontroller via COM port of PC to process and display data.

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  • Complete projects


    Here you will find what you are searching for! Complete electronics projects followed by full documentation and guide step by step for you to understand everything from it. If you have some experience and have read tutorials and useful information sections that this is right section for you to continue improving your skills. These project will cover various areas from DC motor control, Step motors, Servo, GPRS, Ethernet communication, Memory logger, Electronic door lock.. list is endless and there is forum for you to present your own projects and get help for developing them .


  • Microcontroller programmers


    Here are projects of programmers for microcontrollers.  All projects are tested and working. It is useful starting point when starting to make your laboratory equipment. Microcontroller programmer is definitely piece of hardware you will need in your work.