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In 1800 Count Alassandro Volta made the "voltaic pile", a battery. His experiments,along with Luigi Galvani, applying electricity to frogs legs and making them jump when touched by an electric wire prompted Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley to write FRANKENSTEIN in 1818.

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filterlab-1When designing active filter for your project you will need software tools to help you get right component values as well as minimize time spent designing. Tool that will hel you automate this process is FilterLab from microchip.
FilterLab® is an innovative software tool that simplifies active filter design. Available at no cost, the FilterLab® active filter software design tool provides full schematic diagrams of the filter circuit with component values and displays the frequency response.

•    Allows the design of low-pass filters up to an 8th order filter with Chebyshev, Bessel or Butterworth responses from frequencies of 0.1 Hz to 10 MHz
•    Selection of flat passband or sharp transition from passband to stopband
•    Options, such as minimum ripple factor, sharp transition and linear phase delay, are available
•    Changes in capacitor values can be implemented
•    Generates a spice model of the designed filter allowing time domain analysis in spice simulations
It is very simple to use and here is video tutorial that explains in details all options of the software VIDEO TUTORIAL


FilterLab, usermanual in PDF format and related downloadrs you can download for free from this link
And now you are ready to design filter for your hardware efficiently.