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1 comm tunnel interfaceIf you ever find yourself in situation that you need Ethernet connectivity but you work with low end microcontroller and you have online computer available you might need this application. With it you can send data to any destination on internet by simply sending data to serial port with absolutely no TCP/IP programming skills needed.





I used it some time ago to make Ethernet tunnel between two ports. Problem was that I wanted to receive socket connection over GPRS network. This was big problem since GPRS uses APN which acts as proxy and cannot receive connections on any port.

I could only make client side socket connection so I made tunnel to connect two socket clients to connect each other. Also I had only one static public IP address and I needed six different connections. I solved this problem by making several socket tunnels so it was possible to communicate between two devices both making client socket connections and communicate each other on predefined ports.

In this way two devices with no public IP addresses communicated over computer with public IP with Comm Tunnel running on it. For example one client connected on port 50098 and another one on port 50097 and they sent data to each other.. This is only one situation where you can use this software. For example you can configure tunnel between simple serial port of your PC on one side and TCP or UDP connection on port you define in both client or server mode on the other side. In this way by simply sending data on serial port of pc you can forward data to any destination on internet...

Comm Tunnel is a FREE tool to connect two endpoints for Serial Port, TCP/IP or UDP.



Build a tunnel between two endpoints

Support Serial Port, TCP/IP Server, TCP/IP Client and UDP

Display data in Text, Hex and Decimal format

Enumerate all available serial port on computer



Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

.Net Framework 2.0


How to Use

1. Download and unzip it.

2. Run CommTunnel.exe.

3. Click "Setting" button to set both Endpoints respectively. The Endpoint could be a serial port, TCP/IP server, TCP/IP client or UDP.

4. Click "Start" button to connect two Endpoints. The connection status and the transferred data will also be shown in Log Window.

5. Click "Stop" button to disconnect two Endpoints.



Comm Tunnel will save the current status before it close. It will restore the status when it starts.

Comm Tunnel can be added to Windows' start menu. It can run automatically and start connection immediately after login Windows.

Screen shoots of software interface is shown on picture below.

1 comm tunnel interface

You can configure various parameters for every kind of connection which is shown on pictures below.

2 comm tunnel COM settings.JPG 3 comm tunnel TCP server configuration 4 comm tunnel TCP client configuration 5 comm tunnel UDP connection configuration

Software is free to use and can be downloaded from link below.


<<<Download link>>>