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solderingHelp on soldering

 - Use a good soldering iron with fine pencil tip.

It is important to have a clean tip. Do not use very abrasive surfaces to clean / polish the soldering iron tip. if the tip looks bent or damaged, it is worth investing in a new tip.

- Please take all precautions while using soldering irons.

- Solder on a fire resistant surface. Homosote, or dry wall are good .

- Never leave your iron plugged in and unattended..

- Do not overload a wall outlet with too many electric appliances.

- Never set your hot iron down on anything other than an iron stand.

- Replace the cord of your iron if it becomes worn or gets burnt.

- To prevent burning your fingers, use needle nose pliers or heat resistant gloves to hold small pieces.

- Never cut off a grounding prong on an iron plug to make it fit an ungrounded receptacle.

how to hold solder
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how to place components
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Make sure the tip is clean is fairly sharp.
Also, clean the tip with wet sponge.

solder tipcleaning tip

if soldering on a printed circuit board place the components and bed the leads on the soldering side slightly, to hold the component in place. Use "helping hands" to hold the board.

board holder


5.solder wireMelt slight solder on the tip of the iron.
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Copyright, OWI Inc. (Instruction manual)

Copyright, OWI Inc. (Instruction manual)

5-finishsoldered board

Copyright, OWI Inc. (Instruction manual)

A clean soldered board has conical soldered joints. Shake the leads lightly to make sure that there are no loose gaps. This is only basic tutorial for those with absolutely no experience. Don’t give up keep trying and with practice I am sure that in no time you will solder components like a pro.