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In the late-1800s, Nikola Tesla pioneered the generation, transmission, and use of alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be transmitted over much greater distances than direct current. Tesla's inventions used electricity to bring indoor lighting to our homes and to power industrial machines.

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Android chip

Can we follow? Android allows us to easily create an application that we need. It only takes a little good will and time to easier a job of millions of electronics engineers. It does not matter whether you use these applications, but the fact that we like to have them. So, can you let your colleagues to have more applications than you? Hmmm ... for us this is serious…for you? So let’s start.






micro calcMicro Calc (beta). A tool to calculate the initialization values of various peripherals like Timers, UART, ADCs etc., of your favorite microcontroller. This application is a must have for all embedded application developers and hobbyists. Still in beta version so try it and help to developers trough demands and advices. More at:





toolboxElectronics ToolBox. More positive than negative comments, worth it to try and it is free. A very simple application that offers assistance for someone learning Electronics. Includes some basic calculators and resistor code decoder. More at:






mcusimMCU Prototype Board Simulator. Costs 0.99$, we didn’t try it but it looks promising. Reminds us on similar simulator when we start to learn microprocessors. The MCU simulator for Android OS runs Assembly Language code similar to the 68705 MCU on a simulated on-screen prototype board. Great for embedded applications hobbyists, students, teachers or anyone who likes to experiment with Micro-controller CPUs and electronic prototype boards. It's fun for learning Assembly language as well! This is not a fast CPU emulator - it's a simulator for educational purposes:






Elektor Opamp Calculator. Elector also has free applications that can be very useful. This one is quite interesting, if you are lazy as we are. Supports inverting, non inverting, differential operational amplifiers, inverting and non inverting summing. Download link:
Try also Elektro LED Resistor Calc:





electricalengineeringElectrical Engineering. This app consists of 3 useful electrical tools, an Electrical Calculator, an Electrical Circuit Calculator and Electrical Formulas. We are especially interested in formula in this case but our expectation are not fulfilled. Maybe new versions will bring more formulas. Useful calculators for electrical work and electrical charge are not common in similar application. More at:





m32assemblyM32 Assembly. We hate assembly. Hope we will never use it. But if we must, let’s start to learn with this application. Modern CPUs are far too complex for beginners to learn the basic concepts behind assembly language. M32 simulates a simple CPU and lets you see what your code does: step-by-step. We didn’t try it to much, please understand us. More at:





calccontrolControlCalc. Application for Automatic control to simulate feedback systems, open loop and closed loop. If you have to control motor with microcontroller, try to simulate whole process. Interesting for understanding of system for automatic control. Features: Calculation of transfer function, Step response unit (temporal analysis), black diagram (frequency analysis), poles of the system, calculation of phase and gain margins, ability to save the graphical output on the SD card in PNG format. More at:



filtercalcFilterCalc. Same developer as previous application. This is Android application to realize the synthesis of active analog filters in electronics. For the time low and high pass filters. With Butterworth and Chebyshev approximation. The program uses the cell of the second order Sallen Key. More at:




elektorRFElektor RF & Microwave Toolbox. Very few of you can even understand how to use this application. But for microwave engineers, RF professionals, EMC technicians, radio-amateurs this application can be very useful for only 7.99 Euros. This Toolbox contains also all the tools of the Analog Toolbox, PCB Trace Calculator and Resistor Color Code Calculator.For more information visit link:





rfpadcalcRF Pad Calculator. It is free. Quickly and easily determines the resistor values required to realize an RF attenuator pad. Features: Pi, Tee and Bridged-Tee topologies, exact or standard E-series component values, estimates actual insertion loss and return loss. Sounds useful, try it if you into this:





lessonsLessons in Electric Circuits. “This app is incompatible with your phone” massage will not stop us for good recommendation, screenshoots photos are enough. Very good  applications for everyone who have desire to learn electronics. Reviews and comments are very good. Size of 20MB promise a lot of lessons.More at:





sandscan1SandScan. We were very excited when we read description. Recognizing chip from the picture is usefull to every electronic engineer, if works. Simply take a picture of a chip, crop it and SandScan will extract the chip name to search. This can be especially useful for long and hard to read FPGA names. We try on MAX232N chip without results. Maybe full version that costs 2.45$ works better. Try it and feedback us if you have results:





findchipsFindChips. In our browser if we type “f” letter, we get “farnell” more than “facebook” suggestion, weird we know, so we like idea of this application. Search for price and stock availability from dozens of leading electronic components distributors. With the FindChips app in hand, engineers and procurement professionals worldwide can access the same great features of the popular website on their Android phone. Link:





electronicnewsElectronics News. Electronics News is a press release platform that delivers real-time new product news to established component buying engineers and designers all over the world. The Electronics News application brings buyers and sellers together within a dedicated professional forum that delivers the right information to the right person at exactly the right time. By using the Electronics News app, you will gain free access to the latest electronics news from distributors as well as manufacturers. You also gain direct access to the latest information, including exclusive content, from premiere providers such as Mouser, Farnell element-14, RS Components and Digi-Key along with options to Buy Direct. Thumb up from us, we start to use it. Link:


That’s all for now. We will continue to search good application for you. Stay tuned until next time.